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UK Packing bench manufacturer, delivering standard and bespoke robust, packing benches to industry.

Welcome to Spaceguard’s packing bench site. As a leading UK manufacturer of standard and bespoke packing benches and industrial workplace products. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for the design, manufacture and supply of packing benches. Along with workstations and automation equipment. All stand alone benches come fully assembled ready for work. Standard benches can be either by purchased online or through our sales team. Whilst more indepth and bespoke workstations, discussed with the spaceguard sales and design team.

Designing an efficient packing bench to suit your individual needs.

All packing benches are similar in function (used to pack and process products to and from packages, bags or boxes) every company has its own unique requirements for packing benches. Even within the same packing area different benches often have different requirements. As the scope of products or work to be carried out varies.

Simple steps in ensuring you purchase the correct packing bench for you

  • Define what each bench is going to be used for (job sescription)
  • Look at the workflow across the bench to ensure flow
  • Do you require to integrate conveyors to increase productivity
  • What equipment do you require on the bench
  • Write down each step of the packing process
  • Liase with our sales and design team to produce a 3d model of the packing bench

It is common, just to purchase a standard packing bench, thinking only about an amount of storage or based on cost, were as real savings come on reducing packing time and integration with companies systems and any automation and storage.

Please contact the Spaceguard sales team, by phone: 01482 363445 or email: or visiting our main packing tables website for more information